Translation and Localisation

Lexiword is a professional, creative and agile translation and localisation agency based in UK. Over many years, we’ve offered an outstanding level of customer service, with a 95% retention rate. We’ve worked with many global customers to produce cost-effective work to tight deadlines.
From sectors as diverse as automotive and banking, and/ textiles and law – and just about everything in between – UK-based Lexiword provides translation, localisation and transcreation services in languages that cover 95% of the world.

Document translation

We’ve handled just about every type of document translation, including financial (tax documents, insurance work, bank statements, financial reports), technical (user guides, technical reports, instructions, technical specifications), marketing (website translation and localisation, white papers, brochures, business proposals, press releases, purchase orders, presentations) and legal (licences and permits, wills, trusts, contracts and agreements, certificates, legal letters, notices).

Certified translations too

We offer legalised, officially certified translations. These are signed statements issued to declare that the translation is a fair and accurate reflection of the original document. Here are some legal documents that require certified translations:

  • Official documents
  • Personal documents
  • Business documents
  • Government documents.
certified document translation
machine translation post editing

Machine translation with post-editing

Today, you need to expand to win. That means succeeding in more territories than your competitors with more content – and faster.

Linguists alone are not enough. To help you get there, we use machines. With our machine translation with post-editing (MTPE) service, we can handle huge volumes of content quickly and cost-effectively. Saving you up to 70% in time and money.

Machine translation is also highly accurate. But to ensure you stay on brand, we always apply a light or full human post-edit. A full edit will ensure linguistic accuracy, perfect style, correct terminology, and consistency. A light edit will provide an understandable level of translation.

Documents that are suitable for MTPE include product descriptions, technical manuals, market-research responses, e-commerce sites and more. Ask us if you’re in doubt.

Proofreading and editing

Want your documents to be fully watertight? We offer proofreading and editing services to ensure your translations are perfectly accurate and fluent.

Your translated documents for publication and marketing need a high degree of accuracy. That’s why they’ll be proofread by native world-class linguists for whom the target language is their mother tongue. To help with the process, we might ask you for style guides or glossaries.

Just like all of our translation and localisation work, we proofread to ISO-level quality-control systems. You can be sure your documents will be perfect.

Checks include:

  • Grammar, spelling and punctuation
  • Inconsistencies
  • Terminology
  • Clarity issues
  • Writing style and tone suitability
  • Applying your style-guide advice.
proofreading and editing
multilingual DTP

Multilingual DTP

Desktop publishing (DTP) means tidying up your translation so that it’s showcased in a well-designed document.

All well and good. But DTP needs to translate into other languages just as much as your text does. And there are different rules in different languages.

That’s why we use our expertise to ensure your presentation meets the accepted standards of the target language. We also pay close attention to the relevance and suitability of design, layout, images and diagrams.

We use state-of-the-art design software such as Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress and Microsoft Publisher to give you a flawless finish.

Localisation services

What’s localisation? Localisation goes beyond translation to cross national borders. It involves adapting content to make sense in another culture. Idiom, tone of voice and terminology can be lost when translating from one language to another. Our team of international linguists offers you a seamless localisation service into new territories.

Software localisation

Apps are booming, but you need software localisation for users to feel comfortable using software in their own language. At Lexiword, we offer software localisation to help you expand into new markets, enhance your branding and drive revenue in new territories.

Mobile-game localisation

To get your mobile games into the hands of more players around the globe, you need mobile-game localisation to maintain simplicity and accessibility.

Our mobile-game localisation ensures that factors such as character limits, screen dimensions and GUI issues don’t get overlooked. So that your mobile game delivers a perfect user experience, whatever the language.

localisation services
all document types

Document Types

With a robust quality-assurance policy and a world-class network of 5,000 sector-specialist freelance translators, we work on just about any document type.

Our expertise covers translation of marketing materials such as brochures and websites, financial documents, insurance work, technical reports, user guides, tax documents, and training and eLearning materials. Need legal translations? We offer a certified translation service across licences and permits, wills, trusts and much more.

Behind it all is the need to provide value to you. We want to save you time and money. That’s why we use translation management system, translation memories and machine translation in our processes to cut your bill and your waiting time by up to 70%.

Translation Sectors

We’ve carried out document translations for just about every sector, including legal, financial, technical, automotive, IT, banking and finance, cosmetics, and food and drink. We’ll also happily lend our expertise to the public and not-for-profit sectors.

Got questions? Call Lexiword today. We’ll get right back to you.