Go global fast with translation and localisation services that allow the world to understand your products and services in their own language.

UK Translation and Interpreting Agency with the technology to save you up to 70%

What do you need from your UK translation and interpreting agency? Impeccable, cost-effective translations so you can go global? When do you want them? Yesterday?

We get it. But humans take time. And time is money. So at Lexiword, we put technology to work. Our translation management system, translation memories and machine translation save you up to 70% in time and money. So you get to market faster, with cash to spare.

And to make sure your branding stays on-point? Rigorous post-editing by real humans. Qualified, experienced humans working in languages that cover 95% of the world.

London translation


Lexiword is a professional, creative and agile translation and localisation agency based in UK. Over many years, we’ve offered an outstanding level of customer service, with a 95% retention rate. We’ve worked with many global customers to produce cost-effective work to tight deadlines.


Translation and Localisation


Go global fast, with translation and localisation that allows the world to understand your products and services in their own language.

digital marketing translation

Digital Marketing Translation

Premium localised content from translators who speak fluent digital: from e-commerce sites to social-media posts to email campaigns.

multimedia localisation

Multimedia Localisation


Translated and localised video streams, subtitling and voiceover that offer rich customer engagement.


UK Translation and Interpreting Agency covering 40 Languages

Unlike some UK translation and interpreting agencies, we don’t spread ourselves too thinly. Our approach is quality over quantity. We’re boutique, we employ only the leading translators of the day, and we focus only on the 40 key languages of modern business.

These include English, Mandarin, Spanish, German, French and Arabic. Want to spread your wings wider? We go from Bosnian to Bulgarian, from Latin to Latvian, and Romanian to Russian. For a full list, click here. You’d be surprised at how much of the world we cover.

What do we work on? Bring us your legal, financial, marketing and technical translations and our powerful combination of expert translators and cutting-edge technology will help you go global ahead of your competitors.

interpreting agency covering 40 languages


Quick turnaround, unmatched quality

In a shrinking world, accurate translation has never been so important. And, at Lexiword, we offer an unrivalled translation, interpretation, localisation and language-technology service for modern business.

We match your cost, quality and turnaround expectations every time, using state-of-the-art technology, experienced teams and a global network of thousands of leading linguists.

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We’ve worked with Lexiword for a long time. We’re pleased with their quick response to our translation needs and their reliable services.


What’s your sector?

We work right across many sectors, each of which has its own voice and its own terminology. That’s why we provide industry-specific specialists to decode your messages and we open up your business to the world.

Why Lexiword?

Pretty much everything we do here at Lexiword is driven by the need to grow your business.

State-of-the-art Technology

Our belt-and-braces approach with humans working seamlessly alongside the latest technology means that you get flawless localised translations.

A bespoke service

Working closely with you, we offer innovative translation and localisation services. We perfect our boutique offering and never spread ourselves too thinly or let a client down.

One point of contact

Our primary principle is to work with project team and translators who have the right technical expertise and high levels of language skills.

Linguists specialising in your sector

Our carefully selected linguists are experts in their chosen industry. That means they know your industry and its terminology intimately.

Rigorous quality control

We follow ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 quality standards rigidly. We have also written our own quality-control procedures, which have resulted in a 95% client retention rate.

Fluency in digital marketing

Premium localised content from translators who speak fluent digital: from e-commerce sites to social-media posts to email campaigns.