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Technology-driven translation agency in UK

Lexiword is a technology-driven translation agency in colourful, cosmopolitan UK.

Our heavy investment in cutting-edge translation and localisation technology increases productivity. That means you get your translations up to 70% quicker and 70% cheaper than through a UK translation agency that relies only on humans.

So you go global much faster. And save your budget for your marketing messages and driving sales in new territories.

But we never forget the human touch. That’s why we employ the world’s finest translators to apply a tough post-edit. One that retains the spirit of the message and the essence of your branding.

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A boutique translation service

We use freelance translators to ensure we’re an agile translation agency in UK, but we also major on just 40 key languages – the prime languages of business.

Being this focused means you get quality over quantity. We perfect our boutique offering and never spread ourselves too thinly or let a client down.

Working closely with you, we offer innovative translation, interpretation and localisation technology, plus a network of 5,000 leading linguists.

It’s a powerful combination that meets clients’ cost and quality demands every time. The world is shrinking and the need for translations that are accurate and on-brand has never been greater. We have the technology and the people to meet that need.

Our key languages include English, Mandarin, Spanish, German, French and Arabic, but we also offer flawless work in other languages such as Albanian, Armenian, Greek, Hebrew, Serbian, and even Latin. For a full list, click here. We’ve got 95% of the world covered.


Our ethos

These days, the traditional approach to translating and interpreting isn’t enough. To succeed, content today must reflect the culture of the target language.

In the Internet of Things, everything is suddenly joined, and talking. It’s an interconnected world. For successful globalisation, you need a bigger slice of this online pie. To achieve that, you need content translation that’s far more than a word-for-word swap. It must be culturally sensitive and marketing-driven.

That’s why we offer digital marketing translation and multimedia localisation.

This means you not only get translation and localisation into your target language, but results-driven, market-focused copywriting as well. So your words aren’t just factual, but persuasive too.

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