Digital Marketing Translation

Go beyond translation

With digital marketing translation, you need far more than just translation. You need to reproduce your branding in the target market as if it were written by a local. That means your chosen linguist must be not only a translator but also a transcreator and a copywriter.
At Lexiword, our army of specialists ensure you maintain your tone of voice, keep your context intact and capture every last nuance of the target language.

Digital marketing translation

You get only one chance to make a first impression. And that’s where digital marketing comes in. In fact, research tells us that visitors to your website home page will decide to stay or leave within eight seconds. That’s a lot of pressure. And it’s why your digital marketing content needs to be creative, coherent and written around the customer. Above all, it needs to speak directly to them.

When the words have been translated, the job gets even harder. It’s vital to hit the right cultural notes, idiom and nuances of language. The only way to achieve that is by hiring linguists who are native speakers in the target language.

That’s where we come in. Our experts ensure your digital-marketing campaign is perfectly localised so that prospects feel an emotional connection with your brand. At Lexiword, we offer marketing-translation services in UK, including website translation, ad-campaign and email-campaign translation and social-media translation.

We maintain and enhance your branding, preserve context, and include subtleties and nuances. We use specialists who understand sector-specific terminology. And we even translate jokes so they still produce a laugh.

website localisation

Website localisation

Localisation is translation’s big brother. It goes beyond translation to cover everything that makes local content appear authentic.

Those things might include using local conventions for graphics, culturally appropriate content, changing layout so that text displays correctly, changing units of currency and being aware of local laws. In short, ensuring your text is exactly how the locals would write it.

Our world-class linguists go way beyond language to ensure fonts, colours and graphics are culturally sensitive and chime with your audience’s lifestyles. Thanks to our website translation agency in UK, your business can attack new territories with confidence.


What’s transcreation? Ever heard anyone wonder why a digital-marketing campaign worked well in France but fluffed in China? The word-for-word translation might have been perfect, but it probably wasn’t culturally appropriate.

When targeting new markets overseas, it’s crucial to have a sound grasp of local cultural nuances. So you might need to bend your message a little.

However, you’ll still need to ensure your marketing retains its intent, tone and style. That’s transcreation.

To get it right, we make sure we understand your audience and know what makes them tick. Then we can create bespoke messages that not only hit home emotionally but also respect your branding. Wherever in the world you’re aiming for.

social media marketing

Social-media marketing

These days, a social-media presence is an essential part of your global marketing strategy. At Lexiword, we work with a number of brands to translate and localise their social-media feeds.

We translate and localise your social-media accounts, posts, replies and content monthly and daily.

Platforms include:

Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, WeChat, Tumblr, Blogs

Our approach goes beyond translation: we use skilled linguists familiar with localisation to ensure your posts are culturally appropriate and in tune with your branding. We’re also happy to translate video content with voiceovers and subtitles.

Multilingual SEO and PPC

At Lexiword, we ensure we optimise your multilingual SEO and PPC campaigns for every territory you want to target. That doesn’t mean simply translating keywords and search terms, but ensuring all your content is sensitive to the local nuances and subtleties of your target languages.

That means:

  • Localising keywords
  • SEO
  • Keyword analysis
  • Creating Google Ads
  • Bid management
  • Multilingual transcreation
  • Terminology management
  • Optimisation of landing pages
  • Link-building in target markets.
multilingual SEO and PPC
e-learning and training localisation

ELearning and training localisation

Why do you need eLearning localisation? You can’t simply translate complex and culturally sensitive material such as e-learning and courseware. Text, videos, graphics and narration can mean one thing in one language and something altogether different in another.

There’s a lot to consider. Content must be adapted to be certain it’s culturally relevant, that images are localised and that voiceovers are spot-on.

At Lexiword, we provide a comprehensive eLearning and training localisation service, working on training guides, user notes, webinars and eLearning videos. We translate, proofread, subtitle and localise imagery. We’re also familiar with a range of relevant software, including Evolve and Adobe Captivate.

With our specialist translators on the case, we can localise your eLearning software into any major language and give it a human voice. Whatever your market, we bring clarity to complexity.

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