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Interpreting Agency in UK

Looking for an interpreting agency in UK? Look no further. Lexiword has years of experience in interpreting services and we provide specialist interpreters for a range of events, from conferences to meetings and legal proceedings to business events.
Our interpreting services cover 40 languages and all our interpreters are members of professional interpreting and translation associations. They include the Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIOL) and the National Register of Public Service Interpreters (NRPSI).

Face-to-face interpreting

There’s far more to face-to-face interpreting than just translating live words. Picking up on visuals and body-language cues are just as vital, which is why we use only world-class, DBS-checked interpreters.

Face-to-face interpreting is always best when someone is receiving bad news, is hard of hearing or will struggle to understand what’s being said. With face-to-face interpreting, facial expressions and body language come into play. These improve the quality of the interpreting.

Need a face-to-face interpreter for a one-off occasion or for regular duties? Our experienced interpreters are fluent in languages that cover 95% of the world. They’re even trained to distinguish dialects. We’re available for:

  • Simultaneous interpreting – interpreting to a target audience in large-scale conferences and international meetings
  • Consecutive interpreting – where the speaker pauses to allow the interpreter to interpret the sentences
  • Whispered interpreting – simultaneous interpreting where the interpreter sits by a small group of listeners and interpret in a low voice
  • Liaison interpreting – for interpreting conversations.

Video remote interpreting

With video remote interpreting (VRI), you get interpreting over a video conference call. You get the benefits of an in-person interpreter but with lower costs, because they don’t need to travel. It’s a good option for risky situations as well.

VRI is also a great choice for short-notice jobs or when the interpreter can’t be physically on-site. That could be police work or other emergency services. Our expert linguists work in the 40 most popular languages of business.

Book a live interpreter and they’ll connect at the agreed time and date over sharp HD video.

Choose video remote interpreting and you’ll enjoy:

  • Immediacy – you get a fast service when you have an immediate need for interpreting
  • Cost-effectiveness – no travel or accommodation costs or minimum charges
  • Face-to-face advantages – over the phone, information can be lost. Over video, we get to see body language and lip movement.
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Telephone interpreting

Need telephone interpreting in a hurry? Lexiword’s UK-based telephone-interpreting service is how you get instant, affordable language support. Our network of world-class interpreters are on the end of your phone 24/7, ready to help you in languages and dialects that cover 95% of the world.

Telephone interpreting is a cost-effective method of breaking down language barriers in multinational business meetings, for medical or legal work, or for just about any industry sector.

We work without a contract. You simply pay for the time spent on the phone. You’ve no travel expenses to pay for. And you connect almost instantly.

At Lexiword, we make international communication simple.

Looking for an interpreting agency in UK?