Market Research Translation


Strategic insights that stay that way thanks to meticulous localisation

With fully localised market research translation, you can be sure the strategic insights in your data remain intact when targeting new territories. We’ll take an in-depth briefing, then assign an experienced linguist who’ll localise your content into their native language. Your linguist will have specialised knowledge of your sector.

You’ll get one point of contact and we use technology to save you time and money. We work on documents including the translation of surveys, questionnaires, discussions, research reports and transcripts, plus audio and video content, including subtitles.

market research interpretation


Why Lexiword?

Pretty much everything we do here at Lexiword is driven by the need to grow your business.

State-of-the-art Technology

Our belt-and-braces approach with humans working seamlessly alongside the latest technology means that you get flawless localised translations.

A bespoke service

Working closely with you, we offer innovative translation and localisation services. We perfect our boutique offering and never spread ourselves too thinly or let a client down.

One point of contact

Our primary principle is to work with project team and translators who have the right technical expertise and high levels of language skills.

Linguists specialising in your sector

Our carefully selected linguists are experts in their chosen industry. That means they know your industry and its terminology intimately.

Rigorous quality control

We follow ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 quality standards rigidly. We have also written our own quality-control procedures, which have resulted in a 95% client retention rate.

Fluency in digital marketing

Premium localised content from translators who speak fluent digital: from e-commerce sites to social-media posts to email campaigns.

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