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Multimedia and Video Translation, UK

Lexiword is a creative and agile translation and localisation agency for multimedia and video translation in UK. You can get a video-translation service in the key 40 languages of business.
Our productions feature leading voiceover artists, subtitling, localisation, video translation and transcription. Say hello to the world.

Multimedia and Video Translation

There’s a boom in video content. It’s the future. Just ask Cisco. They reckon 80% of all internet traffic will be video by 2021. Of course, that means more need for multimedia and video translation. And what about some of those videos that people play without sound? They’re going to require subtitles.

When you translate your multimedia, your video goes further. It’ll cross international boundaries and speak to prospects all over the world in their own language.

You’ll also enjoy an asset that packs a punch in SEO, eLearning, training and marketing.

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Voiceover and Subtitling Agency in UK

At Lexiword we also work as a voiceover and subtitling agency in UK. But what’s subtitling and how does it work? Many videos come with subtitles – translations at the foot of the screen.

Subtitles are useful. They help you reach an international audience, and they help Google index video content. At Lexiword, our subtitling services make your message accessible in multiple languages. And we subtitle in source language as well as the target language.

Subtitles improve the user experience. But they’re harder to get right than you might think. For example, subtitles need to match the dialogue closely, be well-timed and not obscure any key visuals. Translated text can also be too wide for the screen. And some languages put words in a different order. So whatever’s happening on screen might not chime with the words your viewers read.

Thanks to our technology, we get around these issues. And you get a localised video that makes as much sense as the original.

But what about voiceover? Tone of voice and the right emotions can make or break your multimedia translation. Using our expert voiceovers, you’ll get engaging content that sounds natural in any language.

We produce culturally appropriate, studio-quality video translation that works for marketing, eLearning, training and much more. So you get to spread your wings and wow the world.

Multilingual Transcription          

Multilingual transcription means turning an audio or video speech into text. At Lexiword, we make it easy, across all major languages.

Here are some of the fields for which we offer a transcription service:

  • Audio transcription
  • Video transcription
  • Interview transcriptions
  • Market research transcriptions
  • Business transcriptions
  • Legal transcription
  • Training workshops
  • Conference and meeting transcription

How do you want your transcription? Our transcribers offer word-for-word transcription from source, an edited version, or a simple summary. For video, we offer time codes that help with voiceover.

You’ll enjoy professional-quality, accurate transcriptions from expert linguists, native in your target language.

multilingual transcript
video translation and localization

Video Translation and Localisation

Video has never been more important. Some authorities believe it’s about to take over the internet. For translators, there’s a lot to think about: transcription, translation and localisation, voiceovers and subtitles. But the results can make your organisation truly global.

What’s involved in video translation? First, we transcribe the video in the source language. We add time stamps before translation into the target language. We translate and localise the script created from the transcription files. We might then create subtitles or voiceovers in the target language. We’ll embed these in the video file or we’ll create a separate, time-stamped subtitles file.

Video translation must ensure that translated scripts fit within the original video’s timeframe. Our world-class linguists can shorten sentences to make them fit – while still making sense. We can translate video from a transcript or straight from the video file.

Videos are about much more than words. To make yours truly authentic for the target market, talk to us about other factors such as graphics, imagery, backgrounds and screen captures.

Looking for a video translation and subtitling service in UK? Call Lexiword today to talk over your project.