Our Approach


Our approach

Work with Lexiword and you collaborate with a UK translation agency that closely follows quality standards. That sticks to a set of values. And, as a boutique agency, forges close links with its clients.
At Lexiword, we follow ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 quality standards rigidly. We have also written our own quality-assurance and quality-control procedures, which have resulted in a 95% client retention rate.

Quality Assurance

Here’s how we ensure you get the best-quality translations from us:

  • We hand-pick the right translators for your project
  • Our primary principle is to work with translators who have the right technical expertise and high levels of language skills
  • Our linguists translate into their native languages
  • We establish customer-specific terminology to ensure consistency and fast turnaround
  • We use technology to improve quality
  • We use previously translated materials, terminologies and glossaries specific to the customer to guarantee consistency
  • Following customer feedback, we improve, if necessary, subsequent projects
  • All translations are subject to a multistep quality-control process.

A multistep approach

We adhere to tough quality standards and apply technology-based quality-control processes. We always use a second sector-specialist translator to review your translations and ensure grammar and terminology are watertight. We always stay true to your house style through our DTP services.

Our Values

Integrity and Transparency

We ensure all our staff and freelancers uphold our values, aim to do the right thing every time and have the confidence of our clients.

Customer service

Our professional services are built around a framework of sustainable total quality. We aim to offer the best service, quality, pricing and timing.

Our people

Our most-valuable assets are our people. Teamwork, unity and cooperation matter to us, and we always learn and improve.


We’re always looking for new technologies to make our clients’ lives easier, and prize innovation in all our processes.


We treat all our projects as highly confidential and never disclose any corporate and personal information.

The environment

We’re efficient with our resources, as we strive to minimise waste and recycle wherever possible. We value our resources and reduce our carbon footprint.

grow into leader company

Why Lexiword?

Pretty much everything we do here at Lexiword is driven by the need to grow your business.

As well as our values (see above), we also offer you:

  • State-of-the-art technology
  • A bespoke service
  • One point of contact
  • Linguists specialising in your sector
  • Rigorous quality control
  • Fluency in digital marketing.

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